Alcohol and drugs

It is ony natural for many young people to experiment, test boundaries and take risks with alcohol and drugs.

But substance misuse is one of the most common and yet preventable risks to a young person’s health and development. All drugs have the potential to cause harm; some can be addictive and using drugs in combination can increase risk.

Alcohol and tobacco are strongly addictive; both legal and illegal drugs and their use amongst teenagers and young adults is widespread. Illegal drugs include cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin.

Smoking, drinking and trying drugs is one of the most common ways in which young people experiment. But if you think you may be using alcohol or drugs to help you cope with worries or mental health problems, you should go to your GP.

Did you know?

Of all adults in drug or alcohol treatment in England in 2018-19, 6% were ages 18-24 (15,483). The median age of people in treatment for non-opiates was 30, for opiates was 41 and for alcohol was 46.